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Hyoho Taisharyu documentary film (streaming version)

A documentary film about a group of modern day samurai, who train in a 450 year old traditional style of Japanese swordsmanship - “Hyoho Taisharyu”(兵法タイ捨流).

  The Hyoho Taisharyu documentary, filmed in the spring of 2014, captures a moment in time in the ongoing story of one of the oldest martial arts schools in Japan.

 It includes exclusive and penetrating interviews with Eriko Uehara, the granddaughter of the late 13th Headmaster who is striving to master the art and with the head of the dojo, Master Yamamoto Takahiro who has dedicated his life to preserve and now promote this unique, pure and almost unknown tradition to both his fellow Japanese and to the wider world.
 This film shows many of the skills and techniques of Hyoho Taisharyu. It includes Kata (pair training with wooden swords), Iai (real sword drawing techniques) and Kumidachi (pair training with real swords)

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