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Hyoho Taisha ryu held 2016 European seminar tour - summary

Posted on January 15, 2017 by Watch Modern Day Samurai Movies Online editorial team | 0 Comments

Hyoho Taisha ryu, Japanese traditional style swordsmanship held seminars in 5 cities in Europe between 19th November and 11th December 2016. It was the third seminar tour in Europe and supported by various organizations and individuals in Hitoyoshi city, Yatsushiro city and surrounding areas in Kumamoto, Japan.

Master Takahiro Yamamoto(山本隆博 師範), the Kancho (director) of Hyoho Taisha ryu Dojo Yatsushiro Ryu-sen-kan (兵法タイ捨流道場八代龍泉館 - Taisha ryu headquarter in Kumamoto) mainly instructed seminar participants. The 15 Soke (the head of the style) Master Eriko Uehara (上原エリ子 師範), as well as other Dojo members also visited Europe and supported the seminars.

List of cities where seminars were held (in order):

Torino (Italy)

Bellegarde-sur-Valserine (France)

Venice (Italy)

Firenze (Italy)

Vienna (Austria)


More related article for each seminar for these cities will be posted separately.

If you are interested in Japanese traditional Kenjutsu and live in Europe, you are encouraged to join this rare and great opportunity in coming years. This blog The Way of Bushido will keep updating details of seminars in future. You may also keep eyes on the Facebook page of Italian seminar (Hyoho Taisha ryu Kenjutsu Europe).

Information sourced from Taisha-ryu Ryu-sen-kan Facebook page, edited by the editorial team of Watch Modern Day Samurai Movies Online.


Photographed by Taisha-ryu Ryu-sen-kan


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