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Kenjutsu news: Hyoho Taisha ryu held 2015 European seminar tour

Posted on January 16, 2016 by Watch Modern Day Samurai Movies Online editorial team | 0 Comments

On December 2015, Japanese traditional style Kenjutsu or swordsmanship “Hyoho Taisha ryu” held seminars in Venice and Torino in Italy, as well as Vienna in Austria. Participants including local martial artists learned Japanese swordsmanship manners, body control with Kobudo (Japanese traditional martial arts) philosophy and fundamentals, basics of swordsmanship skills, as well as Taisha ryu specific skills.

Master Takahiro Yamamoto, the head of “Hyoho Taisha ryu Dojo Yatsushiro Ryu-sen-kan” (Taisha ryu headquarter in Kumamoto, Japan) mainly and directly instructed the participants like last year. Furthermore, the 15th Soke (the head of Taisha ryu), Master Eriko Uehara also joined the seminars and demonstrated their skills together with some other Monjin (Dojo members) from Japan.

It was the second European seminar tour, and seminars were held in 3 cities. From next year, Taisha ryu is planning to expand it and hold seminars in 5-6 cities.

If you are interested in Japanese traditional Kenjutsu and live in Europe, you are encouraged to join this rare and great opportunity in 2016. This blog The Way of Bushido will keep updating details of the 2016 seminar tour.

Information sourced from Taisha-ryu Ryu-sen-kan Facebook page, edited by the editorial team of Watch Modern Day Samurai Movies Online.

Photographed by Taisha-ryu Ryu-sen-kan

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