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Budo News: Kumamoto castle Budo festival was held on 11 Oct 2015

Posted on November 01, 2015 by Watch Modern Day Samurai Movies Online editorial team | 0 Comments

On 11 October 2015, Kumamoto castle Budo Festival – Japanese traditional martial arts demonstration (熊本城武道の祭典・古武道演武会) was held, and various local traditional martials artists in Kumamoto region demonstrated their skills at the castle. This regular event was held at Ninomaru (二の丸 - the second defensive area or line for castles before Honmaru) last year, however it was held at a special stage provided at Honmaru (本丸- the last defense area with main building for warlord) in this year where public access is usually restricted.

Shihandai (instructor) of Hyoho Taisha ryu Dojo Yatsushiro Ry-Sen-Kan who demonstrated their skills in this year as well as last year commented that “although this regular demonstration was held at the same Kumamoto castle site in this year, the stage was provided at Honmaru and thus we demonstrated with a fresh mind, considering it is a different circumstance”. This comment implies that, although the local martial artists regularly demonstrate their skills in public, they always keep polishing skills continuously without ego and inertia.

This demonstration was held as one of the events for “Kumamoto castle Festival in autumn (秋のくまもと お城まつり, from 1 September to 31 October 2015). Various other events were held including Japanese traditional cultures namely demonstrations of Taiko (Japanese drum), Nihon Buyo (Classical Japanese dance) and Yabusame (Japanese archery on horseback) as well contemporary arts.

Information sourced from Kumamoto Oshiro Matsuri Official HP, Kumamoto castle official HP, Kumamoto castle Official Facebook page, Taisha-ryu Ryu-sen-kan Facebook page, edited by the editorial team of Watch Modern Day Samurai Movies Online.

Photographed by Taisha-ryu Ryu-sen-kan

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