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Kenjutsu News: Hyoho Taisharyu held a seminar in Italy

Posted on December 27, 2014 by Watch Modern Day Samurai Movies Online editorial team | 0 Comments

Japanese traditional style Kenjutsu or swordsmanship “Hyoho Taisharyu” Dojo Yatsushiro Ryu-Sen-Kan held a seminar in Torino, Italy on 6th and 7th December 2014.
There were approximately 60 attendees on each day of the seminar. They also held a workshop for young martial artists and approximately 20 children joined the class.
Master Takahiro Yamamoto, who lead the seminar commented that “these disciplinants outside of Japan were willing to learn Japanese traditional martial arts very seriously, even more than us. Their interests were not only techniques and skills, but also keen to learn about “Kokoro” (mind, heart and spirit). He went on to say  "I was born in Japan so I have lots of opportunities to learn Japanese traditional martial arts. Therefore, I would like to keep this saying “吾唯足知“ ("ware tada taru o shiru" - which means: I simply know what is enough and have a high regard for the way I am) in my mind all the time and continuously train hard (*extract passages from the article of Taisha-ryu Ryu-sen-kan Facebook page).
Master Yamamoto and Sato Shihandai also demonstrated skills of Taisharyuin front of various audiences, including local government officials who made a courtesy visit to the seminar to meet them. There was also local media coverage on the seminar which showed a great interest of Italian people in Hyoho Taisharyu, as well as Japanese culture and traditional style martial arts.
Furthermore, a local government sent them a certificate of gratitude (see below photo) to commemorate and express their appreciation for holding the seminar in Italy.
It was the first Taisharyu seminar held in Italy, and they are planning to hold another seminar next year and will continue holding seminars at lease once a year. From next year, they are also planning to have a seminar in Austria.
If you are interested in Japanese traditional Kenjutsu and live in Italy, Austria or neighbouring countries, you are encouraged to join this rare and great opportunity beginning next year (2015). Please visit this blog, as we will keep updating related information and detailed schedules.
Information sourced from Taisha-ryu Ryu-sen-kan Facebook page, edited by the editorial team of Watch Modern Day Samurai Movies Online.

Photographed by Taisha-ryu Ryu-sen-kan

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