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The Life of Marume Kurando(丸目蔵人)

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Marume Kurando, who was raised in the way of Samurai, is the creator of the martial art that is known as Hyoho Taisharyu (兵法タイ捨流). It is  a koryu of hyoho. It was created in the 16th century, and it is still practiced today by a select few students, in the same ways that Marume Kurando practiced and taught it.

In 1540, Marume was born in Nishiki-machi, which is a hamlet that was run by the Sagara clan in the Hitoyoshi province. He was schooled in the way of Confucius and in the war arts, due to his being brought up in a samurai family.

He won his first combat battle when he was sixteen years old and by nineteen he was viewed as a possible master at swordsmanship. He was even allowed to travel to Kyoto in order to challenge the most well-known swordsman in the entire country of Japan, who was the creator of Shinkage-ryu, Kamiizumi Ise no Kami Nobutsuna.

After challenging Kamiizumi, he lost the match. This led him to learn about Shinkage-ryu from him, because it was considered the best school of kenjutsu at that time, and was very popular.

It took him seven years to become the top student, at which time he was asked to help Kamiizumi demonstrate Shinkage-ryu to the Shogun, Ashikaga Yoshiteru. The Shogun loved the kumitachi that was performed by the duo and greatly respected the talents of Marume.

Shortly thereafter in 1567, it was deemed that Marume had fully learned Shinkage-ryu and he was awarded with a scroll of menkyo-kaiden, which is still around today. With this certificate he was free to start his own martial arts school in the practice of Shinkage-ryu, which he decided to do in his hometown of Hitoyoshi. After the death of his master, he decided to start his own martial art, which was originally named Shinkage Taisharyu Kenjutsu.

He continued to teach this martial art until his retirement, when he named the second soke, Konose Gunsuke Okami Tadayuki. Marume passed away at the admirable age of ninety in 1629.

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Hyoho Taisharyu, Marume Kurando

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