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History of Hyoho Taisharyu (兵法タイ捨流)

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The art of Hyoho Taisha-ryu, which was created by Marume Kurando in the 16th century, can be explained in part by its name and by visiting Watch Modern Day Samurai Moves Online to download modern day samurai movies.

The word Taisha is a two part word, that is considered unique because the first part, tai (タイ), was written using Katakana script, and the last part of the word, sha (捨), was written in the widely used kanji. This is especially noteworthy because if someone sees the name written, they would be unable to decipher the meaning of the word, just by seeing it.

The word, sha means to forget or throw away, while tai can mean either great, wait, body, as well as a few other things. Some people think it may refer to great, indicating it was a memorial to Marume’s legendary master, Kamizumii, who taught him Shinkage-ryu , but this is not known for certain.

This martial art was created in a time of constant fighting and wars in Japan, and was used in secret ninja and samurai units, to protect the area and villages. It was actually the official style used by the Sagara clan in the town of Hitoyoshi for many years.

After 1868, the age of the samurai was considered over, but Taisha-ryu was still taught and practiced by some, which is why the techniques and style are still around today. The title of soke has been passed down through the Oda family since the 6th soke, so that this art will always stay in the original village that it was created to protect. In 1962, it was deemed to be an Intangible Cultural Asset in the Kumamoto Prefecture.

This martial art is characterized by crouching and staying low to the ground, as well as being able to fight in even unfavorable conditions. This would include rough terrain, as well as snowy or marshy environments. It was originally for real life battle purposes, but fortunately, that is no longer necessary. However, environmental practice battles can still be very intense and are practiced sporadically by students of this art. To learn more you may download modern day samurai movie on Watch Modern Day Samurai Movie Online.

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